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Voice disorder can occur for many reasons. These issues can lead to changes in the voice.


Learn more about our individualized speech & voice therapy services for Parkinson’s.


We are experts in dysphagia (swallowing impairments) evaluation and treatment. Let us help you manage your symptoms and rehabilitate swallowing function.

Head & Neck

The diagnosis of cancer can be scary and intimidating, but with new technology and established treatment pathways increase quality of life is possible.

Meet maggie donaker

Owner/Speech-Language Pathologist

Maggie is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in various diagnoses of voice, swallowing, dysarthria, and head & neck cancer. She has served in the hospital setting and in the community, inpatient/outpatient settings, across the recovery spectrum. Her dedication to her patients and their recovery has earned her recognition from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), receiving 10 ASHA ACE awards in the past 11 years.

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Speech & Swallowing Services

Learn how we can help with voice clarity.
Learn how speech therapy can help your loved one with voice and swallowing.
Learn how we can help you with Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).
Learn how we can help your quality of life after diagnosis.

Do you suffer from a swallowing disorder?

These monthly workshops will engage patients and caregivers alike with an upbeat, informative and supportive exchange of experiences, knowledge, and helpful information about swallowing disorders and dysphagia!

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Real Life Stories

I was very fortunate
was very fortunate to have Maggie recommended to me for speech therapy. I suffered for years with vocal issues and was told numerous times the only things I could do was use a nasal spray and saline rinse. I was diagnosed with "acid reflux", "nasal drip", and other ailments. Just having a conversation was a challenge. Constantly clearing my throat, coughing, losing my voice. Following Maggies guidance in therapy practices she put me through I have improved to a point where I can converse without constantly clearing my throat and feel 100% better. I found her to be very patient and kept the sessions we had enjoyable with her sense of humor. I would recommend Maggie if you need voice therapy as I feel it was worth wild and certainly worked for me. You don't always have the good fortune to find someone as knowledgeable and ready to meet the challenges of this particular condition. My wife noticed the change after the first few sessions and that was a blessing.
I am extremely grateful
I am extremely grateful to Maggie Donaker M.S. CCC-SLP for her assistance in the rehabilitation of my recent speech disorder. After being diagnosed with LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) and MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia) I was given a referral for Speech Therapy. I had a choice to go to the SMH outpatient system or Maggie. I chose to forgo the hospital myriad and seek out an independent SLP provider. Maggie was extremely efficient in getting me scheduled and starting me on a program of treatment. She assessed my condition and explained the pathology as well as the rationale for the treatment program. Throughout the two month treatment program she continued to re evaluate and update my home program. She also supported me in showing me my progress and encouraging my home program. Thanks to Maggie I feel I can continue on the regime of exercises and continue to meet my voice goals.
I found her to be professional, understanding and patient.
After neck surgery I was unable to swallow. I had a feeding tube for 6 months and was diagnosed with esophageal dysphagia. I was referred to Maggie by a health professional and she has been treating me for 7 months. After an intense period of therapy I was able to have the feeding tube removed. She helped me resume a normal diet and worked with me when problems occurred. I found her to be professional, understanding and patient.

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