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It only takes one

Are you looking to start a group in your area? Visit to see if there is one in your area or how to impact your community with your passion for helping one person.

“But My Speech Is Fine!”

This book created by my research and presenter partner and hilarious friend! Within the first day of launch this book was the #1 Best Seller in Audiology and Speech Pathology. Speech-Language Pathology is so much more than what you may think. For the first time there is a book that takes into consideration stories, research […]

Aphasia Community Center

American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) states: “Aphasia is a language disorder that happens when you have brain damage. Your brain has two halves. Language skills are in the left half of the brain in most people.

Parkinson Place

This Parkinson’s organization has been around since 2012!