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“But My Speech Is Fine!”

This book created by my research and presenter partner and hilarious friend!

Within the first day of launch this book was the #1 Best Seller in Audiology and Speech Pathology.

Speech-Language Pathology is so much more than what you may think. For the first time there is a book that takes into consideration stories, research and passion to inspire, advocate and educate how powerful speech-language pathologist are!

But My Speech Is Fine!: Speech-Language Pathology: True Stories of a Misunderstood Profession, check out the summary:

”Newborns. The criminal justice system. Brain surgery. End of life. You might not associate these topics with speech therapy, but that’s the beauty of this career- it’s surprisingly versatile. Unveiling one of the world’s best kept secrets, Lauren Hermann took it upon herself to share real stories about the misunderstood profession of speech-language pathology. But My Speech is Fine is a collection of Lauren’s on-the-job experiences as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) with featured stories from various SLPs across the U.S. This book is meant to dispel the occupational myths through eye-opening and heart-warming experiences across the lifespan. With expertise going far beyond the lips, speech-language pathologists are here to help you with life’s greatest gifts. Allow this book to show you how.”

Picture of Maggie Donaker

Maggie Donaker

Maggie has established the first-ever Sarasota County Dysphagia Digest of Florida to to provide education, advocacy, social support, and community for patients and caregivers.

Speech therapy can help!

Have you noticed changes to your speech, voice, cognition or swallow? Get speech therapy in your home to work on strengthening your voice and communicating confidently.

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