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Deeper Than the Scars

I have a friend that has written a book that could restate with you or someone you know.

This book is raw, uplifting and difficult to put down, plus it is insightful.

Take a look at the summary:

“The moment when a mother holds her baby for the first time can either be the happiest or the most heart-wrenching of her life. Unfortunately for Stacey Verhoff’s mother, it was the latter. Her precious baby girl had been born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, just like her older brother six years earlier.

In her poignant story behind the scars on her lip, Stacey shares her personal testimony of the goodness of God while guiding those who have ever questioned their self-worth or struggled to trust God in all situations. Within her testimony, Stacey travels deep within to reveal the wounds and healing of her heart as she endured seemingly endless corrective surgeries and hurtful comments about her physical appearance. While revealing her vulnerabilities associated with her challenges, Stacey offers an inspirational recounting of how God changed her perspective, healed her heart, and ultimately helped her realize that she was wonderfully created. 

Deeper Than the Scars shares a Christian woman’s testimony as she journeys to share how God healed her heart and mind and taught her to see herself through His eyes.”


Picture of Maggie Donaker

Maggie Donaker

Maggie has established the first-ever Sarasota County Dysphagia Digest of Florida to to provide education, advocacy, social support, and community for patients and caregivers.

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