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It only takes one

One person caused me to generate a group of individuals to which are going through similar walks of life.

One person inspired another medical speech language pathologist to join the call for action.

One person has survived and is living a life…

You can do this too…

“… head and neck survivors are two times more likely to commit suicide than survivors of other cancers and four times more likely than the general population.”1

According to Algtewi, Owens and Baker 2017, “Participation in [online support groups] was found to be associated to better [health related quality of life] either directly or indirectly through decreasing depression, anxiety and the negative adjustment behaviors and increasing self-efficacy and empowerment…” for individuals with head and neck cancer.2

Looking to start a group in your area? Visit to see if there one in your area or how to impact your community by your passion to help one person.

Live in Florida? We are here for you Dysphagia Digest of Florida

2.Algtewi, E., Owens, J., & Baker, S. R. (2017). Online support groups for head and neck cancer and health-related quality of life. Quality of life research : an international journal of quality of life aspects of treatment, care and rehabilitation, 26(9), 2351–2362.

Picture of Maggie Donaker

Maggie Donaker

Maggie has established the first-ever Sarasota County Dysphagia Digest of Florida to to provide education, advocacy, social support, and community for patients and caregivers.

Speech therapy can help!

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